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Think of it this way, if you realized that everything you did could possibly end up on the net for anyone and everyone to read, wouldn't you be a little more careful about some of the choices you make?

The US government keeps too many secrets from it's citizens as it is, secrets that in a great many cases should not be kept from it's citizens in my opinion. I will say that I disagree with the listing of names in those leaked documents, but I do not disagree with the disclosure of the documents themselves, the US people have a right to know what their government and military are doing. If this means that government has to stop certain activities that according to the very laws and guidlines set down in this country are illegal or at least immoral then so be it.

We need to focus more on the US and less on the World as a whole, we need to address the problems that exist at home. Not go off on our own and try to police the world, NATO was formed for that purpose, not the US.
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Crimson-Hairess Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2010
That's about my take on it too hon, and I'm more annoyed that our responce as a government has been to attack the Wikileaks website and it's creator (read up on what those rape charges entail, under swiss law if a girl has sex after drinking, it was rape) Rather than doing anything about the crimes we're commiting en masse as a governing body. Further, why was some of this information classified in the first place? "The conservative leader of the UK and the liberal leader of the UK don't agree with each other" Duh?
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